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Wall and ceiling boards

Revolutionize your space with the innovative XPAN Pro Grade Panels 

Experience the ultimate in versatility with XPAN. These revolutionary panels are are durable and lightweight for quick and easy installation without heavy equipment.  Resistant to water and moisture, they are the perfect panels for walls and ceiling of agricultural buildings, livestock buildings, commercial grade car wash, sheds, garages, airplane hangars, workshops and several other applications. With highly reflective panels that maximize natural light, XPAN will transform any space into a bright and clear environment.

XPAN is environmentally friendly and can be 100% recycled for sustainability.

If you're a homeowner, builder, or architect looking to embrace the future of green building materials, look no further than XPAN Pro Grade Panels. Their cutting-edge features provide efficiency, sustainability, and modern style all in one. Make the switch today!

  • Water resistant and moisture resistant panels prevent damage and increase longevity

  • Strong, durable, and lightweight make installation quick and easy

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable for sustainability

  • Highly reflective panels maximize natural light

  • Made with ISO-846-2019 material for CFIA approval

Available in widths of 12'' or 16'' 

Available in lengths of 8', 10' ,12' and 16'

Ships in truckload quantities or less than truckloads

Agricultural panels
Wall, ceiling, boards, panels
Garage boards, slatwall panels
White panels, Pvc
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