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Engineering Tools


Our mission is to deliver superior extruded panels that meet the highest standards of quality and performance, while also prioritizing environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction. We are committed to continuous improvement, technological advancement, and exceptional service to support the success of our clients and contribute to the advancement of the construction industry.

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About us

At XPAN we are a manufacturer of extrusions since 1999.  Having previously worked at other companies in the polymer extrusion field, our founders saw a better way to make products more affordable while achieving greater quality.  With several years of experience in extrusions, they were able to develop cost effective products and put them to market in a streamlined way for you to buy direct from the manufacturer.  All our products are made at our North American facility.


To be the leading provider of high-quality extruded panels for construction projects, setting the standard for innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the industry.

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